ASEAN CPA Secretariat


Why Should I Apply to be an ASEAN CPA?

ASEAN is one of the world’s fastest-growing emerging markets and with the scheme to integrate the economy through the free flow of goods and services will broaden the opportunity to do business in ASEAN. The title of ASEAN CPA is exclusively only for the ASEAN member state, and it gives the new meaning for the accountancy profession. Thanks to the Mutual Recognition Arrangement on Accountancy services, it allows professional accountants in ASEAN member states to get credential that will validate their knowledge and expertise in the accountancy field and provide them more opportunities through greater access to the high-growth ASEAN market.

Align with the objective of the Mutual Recognition Framework, the ASEAN CPA holder will have sufficient exchange information among Accountant Professionals in the ASEAN region. Meanwhile, the ability to exchange data and knowledge among the ASEAN CPA holder will also promote the development of the best practices on standards and qualifications in the accountancy profession.