ACPACC Secretariat

Fajar Sri Wahyuni
Fajar Sri Wahyuni( 2015 - 2018 )
The 1st Head of Secretariat
Cyndi Natalia
Cyndi Natalia( 2018 - Now )
The 2nd Head of Secretariat
The Secretariat will provide assistance in a variety of ways, such as :
  1. Maintain ASEAN CPA document management system  and  ensure  the  implementation  the administrative procedures afterwards;
  2. Management system of ACPACC member communications
  3. Maintenance of the website of ACPACC as well as the data bases;
  4. Management and supervision of publications and technical reports published by ACPACC;
  5. Preparation of all documents related to the work of the ACPACC, in particular documents for the ACPACC meetings;
  6. As and if requested, research  and  gathering  of  input  for  ACPACC meetings;
  7. Liaising and coordinating with relevant authorities and or parties;
  8. Office and travel management; and
  9. As and if necessary, any other task pertinent to the accomplishment of ACPACC function.
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